Three Top Wedding Trends for 2020

Updated: Feb 21

1. Sustainability

More and more couples are making concerted efforts to lessen the impact their wedding will have on the environment. Couples are becoming more conscious about their wedding day choices from repurposing décor from the ceremony for the reception, to reusing bouquets as centerpieces. Even passing down heirloom pieces from family members, such as wedding dresses or family rings. This is a great way to incorporate sustainability into your special day. Another eco-conscious element to add to your wedding day is local food options. With all of the different mindful elements you can incorporate into your wedding, you will be sure to remember your special day and the good you did on our environment. Sustainability is not only a wedding trend for 2020, but a new way of life. 

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2. Florals – More than a Bouquet 

Florals are playing a much bigger role than just a bouquet. Florals and lots of greenery are now appearing in multiple aspects of the wedding decor, anywhere from backdrops to table runners, and even on the wedding cake. Also, floral embroidery on wedding dresses is very popular. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and florals are a vital part in setting the tone for your special day. So, make florals a major part of your decor, because they will be in the background of every photo. As such, they should match the rest of the effort that was put into your day. Florals are a great way to represent your unique style and will make your wedding day complete. 

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3. Videographers

Videographers are now just as important as photographers. A video can capture the magical moments from your special day in a way that a picture alone cannot. Your wedding video can capture more of the emotions from the bride and groom as well as the guests. Being the bride and groom, you might not have a chance to see everything on your wedding day, but your video will. It can capture the moments that you didn't see while you were mingling with guests or having your first dance. The video will allow you to live these moments as if you were there at every moment. When planning your wedding, it is no longer a question of if you’ll hire one, but rather which videographer you’ll hire. 

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